It was truly a WONDERLAND of events that surrounded this year’s REVITALIZE Conference & Expo – as physical therapy professionals, early careers and students from across Illinois and the surrounding states returned to the Q Center in St. Charles April 13th and 14th. For those who missed out all on the excitement that took place this year – lets take a look at some of the conference highlights


Leaders of the IPTA kicked off REVITALIZE Thursday evening with their Board of Directors Meeting. Agenda items included: Legislative Updates, District Round Table Discussions, an update on IPTA’s Strategic Plan and various membership recruitment and retention initiatives.

Following the meeting, IPTA staff held a Leadership Appreciation Dinner for our wonderful volunteers! We are so thankful for the wonderful leadership we have and appreciate their time, service, and talent throughout the year!


This year’s CE course lineup was certainly one to tell your friends! Attracting PT professionals who specialize in treating the weekend warrior to adults with developmental disabilities; from incorporating dry needling into practice or treating our furry canine companions.

Some course highlights:

  • Of the many popular Friday courses to attend, the ACUTE AND CHRONIC PAIN MECHANISMS: IMPLICATIONS FOR PHYSICAL THERAPY MANAGEMENT provided therapist with how our understanding of chronic pain has expanded greatly in recent years. Carol Courtney, PT, PhD presented on how many of our typical physical therapy interventions influence nociceptive processing and the PTs role as “pain modulator”.
  • HEALTH & WELLNESS ASSEMENTS: KNOW YOUR NUMBERS AND IMPACT YOUR COMMUNITY was another popular Friday choice. This full day course focused on how PTs and PTAs are positioned to assess an individual’s health status and then properly educate them on how to improve their ability to move and live well. It also provided real world application with an example of WellBatavia, which is a physical therapist led community health promotion and advocacy initiative.
  • Dr. Thomas Moran and registered dietitian nutritionist Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN presented THE ATHLETE AND ENVIRONMENTAL INJURIES & SPORTS NUTRITION PRINCIPLES FOR TRAINING AND RECOVERY- STRATEGIES TO OPTIMIZE PERFORMANCE. Dr. Moran spoke on case studies for all four seasons involving frostbite, hypothermia, dehydration, heat stroke and altitude illness – the impact of these conditions have on the overall body and how to treat them. Piggy-backing on the presentation, Monique Ryan shared a comprehensive review of the latest macro-nutrient recommendations for athletes for training and competition, fueling and hydration guidelines.
  • Ann Jackson, PT, DPT, MPH and Roberta O’Shea also presented on Friday morning with their course on INTEGRATION OF CONDUCTIVE EDUCATION PRINCIPLES INTO YOUR PRACTICE. With the use of videotaping, case based teachings and lab demonstrations , participants learned the framework to the application of these principles into their practice for clients with non-degenerative motor impairments.
  • With orthopedic injuries being one of the most common reasons people seek medical attention, regenerative medicine is showing new promise in treating what physical therapists are seeing on the exam table – arthritis, sports injuries (tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, ACL tears), tendon strains, sprained ligaments, muscle injuries and more. Trevor Bullock, DO and Courtney Dynes, PT, DPT, ASTYM, presented REGENERATIVE MEDICINE: CHANGING THE GAME IN THE TREATENT OF ORTHOPEDIC INJURIES.
  • Teri Elliott-Burke, PT, MHS, WCS and Thomas Dillon, PT, DPT shared their expertise on IMPLEMENTING A FALLS AND BALANCE SCREENING WITHIN YOUR PRACTICE.
  • CIs, CCCEs, and DCEs flocked to the classroom to learn how to develop effective and efficient clinical experiences for students in the course PROMOTING EXCELLENCE IN PHYSICAL THERAPY CLINICAL EDUCATION.
  • Through lecture, case studies and discussion, participants developed a greater understanding on how to optimize the experience and outcomes of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities when they are ill – with Jeanne O’Neil McCoy, PT, DPT, MS, NCS and Marilyn Holt, PT, MHS, GCS, CEEAA course on ADULTS WITH INTELLECTUAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES: CONFRONTING CHALLENGES ACROSS THE HEALTH CARE CONTINUUM

  • The members of IPTA’s Ethics Committee presented their course on GOT ETHICS? which allowed many PTs and PTAs to take advantage of learning more about fraud and abuse laws, the many ethics resources available to the physical therapy professional– and fulfill their new continuing education in ethics requirement.
  • A popular Saturday morning course proved to be Hallie E Labrador, MD and Tim Rylander, PT, EDD(C), MPT, OCS, CBIS’s discussion on NEW GUIDELINES ON SPORTS-RELATED HEAD INJURY & CURRENT CONCEPTS IN EXERTIONAL PROGRAMMING FOLLOWING CONCUSSION.
  • Anne Bierman, PT, DPT, SCS returned to speak at REVITALIZE with a course on COMPLICATED HIP CASE STUDIES: A REVIEW OF LITERATURE. Ann provided recommended special tests, imaging, manual therapy techniques, and appropriate exercise progression that will help lead them to the proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Incorporating Dry Needling into practice was another course attendees were interested in participating as Paul Thomas, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT and IPTA’s Executive Director Colleen Flannery presented DRY NEEDLING: AN OVERVIEW AND LEGISLATIVE UPDATE OF THIS POWERFUL TREATMENT.
  • HELP! MY PATIENT HAS A FURRY BACK! INTRO TO CANINE REHABILITATION dove into dealing with the canine client including comparative anatomy and movement patterns, common conditions treated in the canine client, and how to establish a plan of care.
  • Rounding out Saturday’s afternoon courses was Mary Jesse, PT, DHS, OCS presentation on WHAT AN OUTPATIENT PHYSICAL THERAPY PROFESSIONAL SHOULD KNOW WHEN TREATING A PATIENT WITH CANCER and Greg Janicki, PT, MS, FAFS and Marc Peirce, PT, FAFS presentation on EXERCICE PRESCRIPTION USING 3D MOVEMENT.



Another popular hangout spot at REVITALIZE was the Poster Hall, which was open both Friday and Saturday. Attendees were able to earn CE credits for visiting any of the 18 informative and educational poster presentations which ringed through the hall.

New this year – attendees were able to cast their votes for their favorite poster displays. Posters were ranked on scientific rigor, poster layout, statistics and data analysis, and their relevance to physical therapy.



Congratulations to this year’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place posters!

  • 1st Place: “Acute Dizziness Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Tool” Authors: Brittany Baagshawe, PT, DPT, NCS; Leo Arguelles, PT, DPT, CCS; James Hristodoulopoulos, OTR/L; Liz Catlin, PT, DPT; and Katharine Coombes, SPT.
  • 2nd Place: “The Benefits of Continuous Long Term Physical Therapy for a Patient and his Family” Author: Jennifer Solverson, PT, DPT and Linda Weil Foster, PT, MSPT
  • 3rd Place: “Video Gait Analysis in the “return to sport” Decision for an Injured Runner” Author: Sean McInerney, PT, DPT, OCS

Recognizing our AWESOME Members!

Alice and her friends from Wonderland – welcomed REVITALIZE attendees during this year’s Awards Reception and Member Recognition.

After a full day of classes, attendees gathered for cocktails and appetizers while IPTA President Mike Riley, PT & IPTF President Sarah Jensen, PT presented several awards and recognized those members celebrating membership anniversaries!

Samantha Caravette, SPT was named this year’s Outstanding PT Student of the Year. Sam is in her final year of the DPT program at University of Illinois – Chicago. As current president of the SSIG, Sam is recognized as being an outstanding student and leader, and is developing her abilities as a peer mentor and teacher. Her nominees articulated a very wide range of attributes that merit recognition stating that “Sam is a student who does not seek accolades for her accomplishments and exceeds the performance expectations that define the outstanding student.”

Jason Magafas, SPTA was named this year’s Outstanding PTA Student of the Year. Jason is a recent graduate of Fox College and is now a licensed PTA. Jason served as SPTA Director (2017-2018) of the IPTA’s Student Special Interest Group (SSIG) and has also been an advocate during IPTA’s #ChoosePT Day in Springfield. Despite being the only IPTA member in his PTA program, Jason was able to get 100% of his classmates to contribute with every student donating at least $5 to the Illinois Physical Therapy Foundation. In total, he raised $465 for the Foundation and his school program was treated to a pizza party by the IPTA.

Megan Kennedy, PT, NCS was awarded the 2018 Clinical Educator of the Year. Besides being an APTA certified clinical instructor, Megan is the Coordinator of Inpatient Physical Therapy at University of Illinois’s Hospital and Health Systems and is the therapy lead on the interdisciplinary task force to improve outcomes for patients undergoing total joint replacements and the therapy representatives of the hospital wide falls committee.

This year’s Babette Sanders Leadership & Service Award went to James Milder, PT. Jim has served the profession in a truly remarkable number of different capacities within the Illinois Chapter, for the Private Practice section, and for the APTA. His leadership and service contributions have included elected and appointed positions over more than a 40 year timespan. One of Jim’s nominators wrote that “Jim is one of those people who brings multiple strengths to each leadership role he undertakes. He has immense passion for physical therapy as well as the highest integrity in his service to the IPTA and the profession.”

The IPTA is pleased to have two recipients for the 2018 Physical Therapist of the Year Award. Jean Kestner, PT, MS and Kirsten Transue, PT, MPT, COMT, OCS.

Jean Kestner, PT, MS has served the Illinois Chapter over a long career and demonstrated a strong commitment to the profession in multiple roles. While her nominators spoke extensively about her contributions over the last 42 years, the contributions that she made in 2017 as the Western District Chair and as a delegate to the APTA House made her an excellent candidate for this award.

Kirsten Transue, PT, MPT, COMT, OCS is currently one of our IPT-PAC trustees and is a clear example of someone who stepped up at a critical juncture to address a need within the Chapter and make a great contribution. During IPTA’s campaign to pass dry needling in 2017, Kirsten was our clinical lead at the numerous meetings. She often modified her schedule on very short notice in order to be part of our team who met with legislators, lobbyists and other stakeholders to negotiate passage of the dry needling bill.

Sara Owens, PTA took home the Outstanding Physical Therapist Assistant of the Year Award. Since graduating from Illinois Central College 8 years ago,Sara has distinguished herself as a leader. Sara has served as Western District’s Secretary/Treasurer as well as on the districts nominating committee and as an Assembly Representative. She currently serves on the IPTA Finance Committee. In 2017, after becoming a new mom – Sara took over as the Coordinator of Clinical Educator at her place of work, became the Coordinator of Clinical Excellence for her company’s quality circle charged with implementing annual competencies and also earned her certification in applied functional science.

Representative Dan Burke was awarded the 2018 John Maselter Friend of Physical Therapy. This award is given to acknowledge and honor an individual who has substantially supported the betterment of the practice of physical therapy in Illinois. Representative Burke has been a wonderful friend and advocate for physical therapy. His guidance, support and presence have given the IPTA the opportunity to purse and accomplish many of our policy goals in Illinois. Right now, as our chief sponsor of the direct access bill, Rep. Burke has been able to bring the many legislative influences to the table to negotiate an agreed bill. Representative Burke will be retiring at the end of this year, and will be greatly missed, not only by us, but by his constituents who will learn quickly how much this Illinois leader has done for his community, heath care professionals, and the welfare of our state.


Congratulations to these awesome winners who are doing their part to REVITALIZE the practice of physical therapy. You may read more about this year’s award winners by clicking here.

The evening continued to recognize outstanding members, as the Illinois Physical Therapy Foundation (IPTF) went on to present several student sponsorships and research grants.

Two Illinois researchers were each awarded $1,000 research grants. Christian Evans, PT, PhD for his research project titled “Potential Sources of Infection in a Physical Therapy Outpatient Clinic:  Implications for Patient and Provider Safety” and Breanna Reynolds, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT for her research on “Thrust Joint Manipulation to the Cervical Spine in Patients with a Primary Complaint of Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD): A Randomized Clinical Trial”.

Team Rehabilitation teamed up with the IPTF to award students with $2,000 academic scholarships. Congratulations to the following recipients: Jamie Kilquist, SPTA (Southwestern Illinois College); Hannah Booker, SPT (Bradley University); Michelle Kazmier, SPT (Northwestern University); Chelsea Root, SPT (Rosalind Franklin University); Alexander Gough, SPT (Midwestern University); Trace McClintock, SPT (Governors State University); and Adam Siwiec, SPT (University of Illinois at Chicago).

Also being recognized at REVITALIZE was our wonderful volunteers for taking on leadership roles and dedicating their time and service, and recognition of IPTA/APTA members for their years of membership ranging from five up to 55 years! These members received pins upon checking in which were proudly worn during the REVITALIZE weekend. Click here to see who is celebrating a membership anniversary!


Our first IPTF Dinner was a huge success!  We had 73 attendees congregate at the Riverside Receptions in Geneva for a night of “Good Food, Great Friends, Comedy, and Laughter”!  We also paid tribute to 24 guests who were present representing our top IPT-PAC donors.

After dinner, IPTA member Ingrid Masterton, PT,  entertained our guests with her journey through the medical world as a patient with cancer–not once, twice, but three times.  Many thanks to Ingrid for sharing her story, which moved the crowd to laughter, tears, and amazement.  A special thanks to all who attended as your presence helped to raise over $1000 to support Illinois PT research.


IPT- PAC remains ever important as we continue making strides in the profession of physical therapy. Thank you to all those that gave to IPT- PAC during REVITALIZE. Over $6,500 was raised! Every gift makes a difference and we had a record 114 donors contribute this year during the challenge.

Our Third Annual District Challenge was a huge success!  The premise was that the district with the highest percentage of representatives to donate at least $25 to the IPT-PAC by the end of the Assembly meeting would win.  A $25 or more donation also allowed the contributors to receive an awesome IPT-PAC Flashlight–so you can “shine your light on Direct Access” or a IPT-PAC Phone Bank Charger—so you can “stay charged up about Direct Access!”

Well the bragging rights go to FOUR districts.  Congratulations to the Southern, North Central, and new this year—the West Central Districts for getting 100% of their reps to participate!  We also recognized that the larger districts were at a disadvantage, so we pitted Northern, East Central and Eastern districts to their own competition.  Congratulations to the Eastern District for rising to the challenge!  They had an amazing 72% of their reps (weighted average) participate.  All of these districts will not only get to brag about this accomplishment until next year, but they will also enjoy a catered dinner at their next District Meeting.

Many thanks to all of you who contributed to our IPT-PAC. Your generosity truly makes a difference. Special thanks to the District Chairs for leading the effort to motivate your members to donate and to help make the District Challenge a great success.


Student members and guests who attended the Student Special Interest Group (SSIG) Annual Business Meeting were brought up to speed on all of the exciting initiatives the SSIG has taken on over the past 12 months – and open discussion for ideas for the future.

Current President of the SSIG, Sam Caravette, SPT took the lead and moderated the meeting with reports from the other student leaders regarding – opportunities for students to attend national conferences, the SSIG’s increasing diversity initiative, and a look at the growing involvement of SPT & SPTA membership in the IPTA.
Your student leaders were also excited to announce the results from this year’s SSIG elections.

Thank you to all of the current SSIG Executive Committee & Leadership members for planning this meeting – Samantha Caravette, SPT; Rim Lintakas, SPT, Murtaza Aziz, SPT, Garrett Stroup, SPT, Jason Magafas, SPTA, and Megan Lamphere, SPT.


Attendees at REVITALIZE were drawn to explore the many eye-catching basket displays at the SSIG Silent Auction booth both Friday and Saturday. An abundance of items were up for auction as part of the SSIG’s fundraising efforts towards this year’s 2017-2018 Mercer Marquette Challenge. “The Challenge”, is an annual grassroots fundraising effort coordinated and carried out of students of physical therapy across the country to support the Foundation for Physical Therapy’s mission of providing funding opportunities to outstanding physical therapist researchers.

This year’s silent auction was a huge success – the students received an abundance of items to auction ranging from tickets to the Brookfield Zoo ($88 value) to 2 American Airlines Club Chicago Cubs Tickets ($1,250 value).

In total, the SSIG was able to donate $1,900 towards this year’s Challenge with the following school programs receiving fundraising credit: Bradley University, Governors State University, Elgin Community College, Kaskaskia College, Northern Illinois University, Northwestern University, Rosalind Franklin University, and University of Illinois at Chicago.


Enter the rabbit hole.  IPTA’s SOLD OUT exhibit hall was packed!

It was all about networking – whether attendees used this time to catch up with old friends over lunch, make new connections with IPTA leaders at REVITALIZE Central booths, or visit with returning and new exhibitors inside the EXPO Hall.

Attendees were encouraged to visit any – and all- of the 29 partners and exhibitors who showcased the latest they have to offer. By visiting 5 booths attendees collected stylish IPTA pins to be entered into the REVITALIZE raffle for some great prizes!

A special shout-out to all our partners and exhibitors at REVITALIZE 2018, we’d love to have you back: Athletico Physical Therapy, ATI Physical Therapy, DuPage Medical Group, IMPACT Physical Therapy, Body Gears Physical Therapy, Northwestern Medicine, Professional Therapy Services (PTS), DPT Sport, Entropy Physiotherapy & Wellness, Allard USA, Aspen Medical Products, BMS Practice Solutions, Advanced Rehabilitation Systems, Ivy Rehab, Ekso Bionics, Lumen MD, Northwestern Medicine Integrated Spine Program, SME Inc, Team Rehabilitation, TheraOffice, VGM Advantage, Spinal Cord Injury Association of Illinois, Arthritis Foundation, and the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy.


Representatives from across the state convened to take care of business during the 40th Annual Assembly of Representatives meeting. Assembly members voted on several items impacting not only the future of the IPTA but also the PT profession.

From this year’s Assembly, came the of adoption a statement which defines the Assembly’s purpose. The most celebrated action item was the equal apportionment of PTs and PTAs within our representative body. Previously, each district was to elect 1 PTA representative for each 30 PTA members in their district. That number changed to elect 1 PTA representative for each 15 PTA members in their district.

Special thanks to all of the Assembly Representatives and guests who attended.